Vote Totals (2019 Winner Announced!)

Congratulations to our 2019 Meanest Man On Campus Professor Goldschmidt (Bitmoji) ! $ 1,803.60 will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance! We would also like to take this time to recognize Mike & Mike from Thunder Mountain Curry, who not only participate in MMOC every year, but always are sure to match the donations they received donating to Capital Roots . For this we are awarding them the “You’re Too Kind Award” in recognition of their participation and generosity!

Candidate Vote Total
Professor Goldschmidt (Bitmoji) $705.39
Professor Meunier $343.99
Mike & Mike (TMC) $211.00
SISman $176.71
Terra Cafe  $78.52
Casey $74.62
Tara $68.83
DKE $59.51
Randi & Jean  $49.33
WRPI $35.70