Tofu Tim & Barbara

If you’ve ever been to RSDH, chances are you’ve met Barbara. Sitting at the front desk swiping you into the dining hall, she will “hope you have a great day” and she may even give you hug. But don’t be fooled! Barbara is truly the meanest man on campus. She has admitted to squeezing students, pushing students, shouting at students, and sending them to Commons. Her expressions of love are actually a façade to cover her evil nature!

Tofu Tim on the other hand, he doesn’t even try to come off as nice. For all we know he spits in our food!

Chairity – Wounded Warriors Project

“Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) provides free programs and services to address the needs of wounded warriors and fill gaps in government care. The demand for our programs and services has grown from serving a handful of injured veterans to now serving tens of thousands, and we continue to receive hundreds of new registrations from injured veterans, their families, and caregivers each month.”