Nicky the EVIL Puppet (RPI Players)

Nicky is the meanest man on campus: he has always been here in secret, unknown to this campus or even his friends back on Avenue Q. He has been using his skills as a puppet to puppeteer everything bad that has happened on this campus for the past several years, all part of his evil plan to control everything. He’s even managed to gain complete control over his handler, Matt, who has to do his bidding whenever and wherever he wants. Nicky is also committed to making being in his presence a trying ordeal, so he never bathes or changes his clothes. Matt isn’t very happy about this, and you won’t be either.

Coalition for the Homeless:

For more than three decades now, the Coalition for the Homeless has developed and implemented humane and cost-effective strategies to end mass homelessness in New York City. The Coalition for the Homeless believes: “Every New Yorker deserves a home,” and they spend numerous hours and thousands of dollars to provide a vocal and invaluable resource to those who are homeless.