Matt Lynch

Matt Lynch is the meanest man on campus. He ensures that everyone who has had the misfortune of meeting him is inherently inferior in every aspect. As president of Red Army, you will see him in his red suit relentlessly disrespecting the opposing teams and nearly every fan. If you do not vote for Matt it will surely result in a drastic increase of the price of season tickets for students, and who knows what will happen to poor Puckman… In his free time, you can find Matt at the Clubhouse Pub working the door enforcing a strict no fun allowed policy. Matt also plans to do the meanest thing conceivable on campus by reviving the tradition of classes presenting a physical gift to the school upon their graduation. A vote against Matt is a vote for the death of puppies and against the true mission statement of the Meanest Man on campus that is actually a single person who actually exists on campus.

Charity- Mohawk Hudson Humane Society:

The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) of Menands, New York has been saving the lives of abused and unwanted animals since 1887. MHHS is a non-profit organization that receives no ongoing funding from federal, state or local governments or any other animal welfare organization. We rely on your generous donations to support our vital services for the animals.