RPI Alert

What is the worst villain? The one you know who is against you, or the one who pretends to be your friend, only to stab you in the back when it hurts the most? The RPI Alert system is the worst of the worst of villains. It wakes you up bright and early to inform you of the weather threats of the day, letting you know it’s too dangerous to go to class, even if you don’t have class that day. It protects you and helps you, canceling classes where you have tests. The RPI Alert system has grown angry with student’s lack of respect for its aid, and has begun enacting vengeance. You thought having your snow day meant you didn’t have to study for your test the next day? YOUR LACK OF APPRECIATION OF THE RPI ALERT SYSTEM MADE IT TAKE THAT BACK. We all must donate to the RPI Alert System by voting for it for MMOC, or else it will strike again. And next time, it will be worse.

Charity: Unity House

We are a Rensselaer County-based human service agency that provides a wide range of services to meet the otherwise unmet needs of people in our community who are hurting and struggling. We assist those who are living in poverty, adults living with mental illness or HIV/AIDS, victims of domestic violence, and children with developmental delays. We work to achieve social justice in our community and to create a better understanding of those we serve.