Professor Bram

There is a common misconception among the students of RPI that an “F” is the lowest grade one can achieve. However, Professor Bram regularly awards an “F-“ to a large portion of his students. To be fair, one must have an exquisitely high IQ to grasp the concepts in Dr. Bram van Heuveln’s lecture. His subtle sense of humor can only be understood by those who learned directly under Aristole, Plato, and Socrates so most jokes and key concepts go over the average student’s head. While he has heard many complaints, Professor Bram purposely ignores all of them. In fact, he regularly uses negative reinforcement for bad behavior like “complaining” by assigning additional homework on material that will be taught in the next lecture, but is also due next lecture. “The textbook has the information you need to complete it.” Bram would say to any students too stupid to figure out the assignment. Ultimately, Professor Bram’s extremely difficult and objectively unfair courses make him the meanest man on campus. Remember: “The minus means meanest!”

The Frear Park Conservancy is a volunteer organization that tries to protect and beautify, and increase accessibility, safety, and usage of Troy’s largest public park: Frear Park! The FPC creates and maintains many flower gardens and walking trails, helps remove invasive species and plant new native trees and shrubs, pick up garbage, create signage, paint existing structures, and many more. Under guidance of the FPC, various RPI student groups come out to help as well.