Foodbank & Friendly's!

Tonight we have our semesterly rush event - Foodbank & Friendy's. We will be volunteering at the Regional Food Bank, and then we will go to Friendly's afterwards. This is many of our brothers' favorite event, come and join us! Rides and food are provided by brothers.


If you would like to join us, meet in the APO Office - Union 3420 at 5PM.

APO EZ 2010-2011 Executive Committee and Welcoming our new Recording Secretary

We of the Epsilon Zeta chapter would like to welcome our new Recording Secretary, Benjamin David Walcott, who stepped up and was voted in at our most recent brotherhood meeting!

In addition here is the new EZ Executive Committee roster for this year.

President: Michael Giehl

Service Vice President: Jamie D'Ambrosio

Fellowship Vice President: Dave Pazzani

Membership Vice President: Candice Wilson

Treasurer: Elaine Vavoules

Recording Secretary: Benjamin David Walcott

Corresponding Secretary: Daniel Zaharchuk

Sergeant at Arms: Vicky Song

Historian: Meghan Kane

Rush Calendar


It's that time of year again!! Welcome to the Alpha Phi Omega, Epsilon Zeta chapter's rush. All of our brothers and anyone interested in rushing can check out the attached rush calendar to see what events they can attend. Enjoy!

Welcome Fall 2010!

As the Spring 2010 semester rolls along, we are beginning to look forward to rushing and new pledges!  If you are interested in rushing Alpha Phi Omega, please take a look at our rush calendar, attached below, and start coming to our events!

Also, we'd like to welcome the class of 2014!

Let's make this a great start of the year!