Services to Campus

Used Book Exchange
Looking to buy or sell used textbooks? Want to get better prices than the bookstore? Stop by our office in the RPI Student Union, Room 3420 and set your own price for your books! You can also browse our shelves for books that other students are selling. Any textbook for an RPI class are allowed on the book exchange. You may view our online catalog here: Used Book Exchange.

Campus Lost & Found
Our chapter of Alpha Phi Omega has been running the campus-wide lost and found since our founding in 1947. We check most buildings on campus once a week, and all of the lost items are logged into our computer system and put into our lost and found.

If you have either lost or found something on campus, please stop by our office (Union 3420) and we'll be glad to assist you. If you would like to check the buildings for yourself, here is a list of all of the lost and found locations on campus.

Back Test Files
Studying for an exam? Use our back test files! We have drawers full of tests for many different subjects taught here at RPI. We allow you to take out three tests at a time per form of collateral, for a total of 15 minutes. You can photocopy them using the photocopier on the second floor of the Union or use the scanner in the Student Government Suit (SGS). You may view our online catalog here: Back Test Catalog.

All of our tests have been donated by RPI students. Names are always crossed out to ensure privacy. Please donate your old tests by dropping them off at our office (Union 3420), or by putting them in the folder on our bulletin board outside the office. All donations are greatly appreciated!

The infocard is put out by Alpha Phi Omega every fall semester as a reference for students here at RPI. We distribute it at our booth at the activities fair, and we store all of the extra copies in our office. Copies of the current 2010-2011 infocard are located outside of our office (Union 3420).

We have an online form to report errors on our infocard, or you can always feel free to give us a call at x6516 and let us know of any phone number changes.

Can Tab Collection

We also collect can tabs for Ronald McDonald House of Albany. All proceeds raised by recycing the tabs goes directly back into funding the house operations. We provide and maintain recepticals in most academic buildings and residence halls, as well as in front of our office. Tabs from soda/drink, tennis ball, soup, and pet food cans are eligible.


Union Welcome Desk 
Can't find your way around the Union? Printers acting up around the building? Need to know what is going on around the Union? Stop by the Union's Welcome Desk near the Union Horseshoe and see the Alpha Phi Omega brother at the welcome desk! 

Other Services
Our other services to campus include the APO Community Service Award and our community service program.