Freshman Community Service Award

$1000 is awarded to three members of the incoming freshman class and added to your fall semester’s financial aid. Winning this award will not impact other scholarships.


Write an essay, no more than 600 words long about your involvement in community service and leadership. Attach to your essay a list of the community service and/or leadership activities you have taken part of. Possible essay topics are:

·         Why do you do community service?

·         What do you get from doing community service?

·         How can you make service to others a part of your daily life?

·         How has community service and leadership helped you to grow?

·         Discuss a situation in which you were in a leadership position and had to overcome an obstacle.

·         How do you plan to continue doing community service in the future?

All essays must be received by midnight on Friday, September 13th.  Essays can be emailed to @email, stop by our office or send the essays through inter-campus mail or postal mail to our office.

Any Questions?

Contact our Service Vice President:

Aimee Beaudette


2013 Meanest Man on Campus

Come vote for the Meanest Man on Campus (MMOC)! This year's candidates include:


Michael Aldersley (St. Baldrick's)-He's the reason you hate O-Chem!

Kenley Cheung (EFF)-Beware of this Senior Comp Sci major who works in the Admin Office!

Kevin Dai (RPI Relief)-GM who will become Supreme Dictator of Student Government!

Joseph Perchiacca & Jean Purtell (Clothe-A-Child)-Prepare for double trouble as these two plan to take over the Student Union (if they don't run it already!)

Tofu Tim (NY State Coalition Against Domestic Violence)- Will replace all food in Sage Dining Hall with haggis!

Randi Mogul (Susan G Komen Cancer Society)-Will enforce strict new Res Life Policies!


One cent equals one vote! All money raised will go to the winning candidate's charity.

Stop by the Union West Lobby or the GM Week tents to vote. You can also donate online! Here's the link:

MMOC Update

Hey, everybody.  I have wonderful news!  So far, our annual charity fundraiser, Meanest Man On Campus, has raised




for the winning charity.  Good job, everybody; keep on voting!


~Your friendly neighbourhood treasurer

Meanest Man on Campus (MMOC) [Voting Over]

What is Meanest Man on Campus (MMOC)? MMOC is a campus wide competition run by Alpha Phi Omega: Epsilon Zeta (APO) where prominent members of the RPI community raise money for charity by competing to be the meanest (wo)man. Donations are accepted via paypal and all major credit card (no paypal account required). 1 penny = 1 vote! Vote now at


EDIT: Voting is now closed

Epsilon Zeta Pledging

Pledging has begun at the Epsilon Zeta Chapter this semester!

Do not fear! There is still time to pledge!

March 2nd at 8PM there will be a Pledge Ceremony!

Pledging in Alpha Phi Omega Epsilon Zeta is open to the RPI community, anyone currently fulfilling degree requirements may pledge. If you would like to join a National Co-Ed brotherhood of wonderful people dedicated to Leadership, Friendship and Service look no further!

All interested parties email the Membership Vice President, Laine Major at @email with APO Pledging as the subject line and your name stated in the email.

Easy Service: Vote for Schoharie School District!

Hello Everyone!

Remeber how a good number of us went to Schoharie to help them with post Hurricane Irene clean up with RPI Relief? Well the school is trying to win some equipment to help rebuild. Please take time to vote for them!

Help out the Schoharie School District by voting for its students' video submission to the Samsung : Solve for Tomorrow Contest, on their research on the impact on the soil and farm land from Tropical Storm Irene. They hope to win a grand prize of $100,000 in computer equipment from Samsung. 
The district is one of 12 finalists in the competition. 
You can view the submission

and there is an excellent report on the evolution of the srudents' project on WNYT -

Your vote will make a difference! 

If you are interested in helping with Schoharie and RPI Relief efforts, feel free to email Bradon Graham or me!