Save Purnell


Raffle for Save Purnell

Wednesday, June 21, 11am - 2pm

Rensselaer Union West Lobby

Prizes include four tickets to the Big Red Freakout hockey game and a buffet dinner, and two RPI hockey jerseys worn by former athletes. Raffle drawn at Dine to Donate (see below).

$1 for 1 ticket | $2 for 3 tickets | $5 for one arm’s length of tickets

*tickets can also be purchased Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5pm in the Union Admin Office


Dine to Donate

Tuesday, June 27, 5pm-9pm

Recovery Sports Grill

15% of your check will benefit Save Purnell. The raffle will be drawn at the Recovery Room on Hoosick Street. Coupons available at Father’s Marketplace, Ben & Jerry’s, the Union Admin Office, and the Campus Unisex Salon.


*Ben & Jerry’s will have a donation jar for Save Purnell until June 30*


Just before Mother’s Day, Purnell was diagnosed with Neimann Pick Type A, a rare neurodegenerative disease that is similar to Alzheimer’s Disease. It is unlikely that Purnell will live past June 30 unless his family raises $750,000 by then for the Wylder National Foundation, which is funding research for the cure and the experimental new treatment. As of June 19, they have raised $420,000.

Purnell’s relatives are members of the Troy and RPI communities. His grandfather and great grandfather attended RPI, and his great aunt currently works in the Rensselaer Union.

Fall 2017 Executive Committee

Congratulations to the Fall 2017 Executive Committee:

President - Michael Baird
Service Vice President - Olivia King
Membership Vice President - Sunny Sen
Fellowship Vice President - Forrest Rusyniak
Treasurer - Arman Alpar (Junior), Cole Caynoski (Senior)
Office Manager - Paul Rummel
Recording Secretary - Jason Lee
Corresponding Secretary - Becca Rice
Historian - Sarah Haslam
Sergeant-at-arms - Glenn Edmonds

70th Anniversary Invitation


Alumni, advisers, and brothers (past or present),

The brothers of Alpha Phi Omega - Epsilon Zeta, would like to cordially invite you to celebrate our 70th anniversary this May 2017. 

We would love to have a living piece of our brotherhood's history there - you!

More details about the formal banquet are below, though the whole weekend will be devoted to celebrating!

Spring 2017 Big-Little Pairings

Now presenting the big/little pairings of the Spring 17 Rosie "RUMBLEROAR!" Rickard pledge class:

Samantha Alderete - Michael Baird

Sydney Bahs - Andres Zourelli

Yuvraj Chopra - Jordanne Gizzarelli

Glenn Edmonds - Zoe Steinsnyder

James Flamino - Manuel Franco

Shannon Gallagher - Jill Berg

Clifford Hartman - Lucas Notarangelo

Sarah Haslam - Cole Caynoski

John Hulton - Anthony Spinelli

Molly Kerwick - Chris Calin

Rebecca Martin - Kurt English

Thomas McManus - Anish Ravi

Andreas Rebmann - Zachary Minster

Rebecca Rice - Erica Uhler

Paul Rummel - Forrest Rusyniak

Kinza Siddiqui - Daniel Adomilli

Zhao Wei Wang - Clay Tilton

Spring 2017 Executive Committee

Congratulations to the the Spring 2017 Executive Committee:

President: Christopher Daniels
Service Vice President: Michael Baird
Membership Vice President: Sunny Sen
Fellowship Vice President: Erica Uhler
Treasurer: Cole Caynoski (Junior), Anish Ravi (Senior)
Office Manager: Jill Berg
Recording Secretary: Jason Lee
Corresponding Secretary: Olivia King
Historian: Hunter Belanger
Sergeant at Arms: Forrest Rusyniak