Epsilon Zeta Pledging

Pledging has begun at the Epsilon Zeta Chapter this semester!

Do not fear! There is still time to pledge!

March 2nd at 8PM there will be a Pledge Ceremony!

Pledging in Alpha Phi Omega Epsilon Zeta is open to the RPI community, anyone currently fulfilling degree requirements may pledge. If you would like to join a National Co-Ed brotherhood of wonderful people dedicated to Leadership, Friendship and Service look no further!

All interested parties email the Membership Vice President, Laine Major at @email with APO Pledging as the subject line and your name stated in the email.

Easy Service: Vote for Schoharie School District!

Hello Everyone!

Remeber how a good number of us went to Schoharie to help them with post Hurricane Irene clean up with RPI Relief? Well the school is trying to win some equipment to help rebuild. Please take time to vote for them!

Help out the Schoharie School District by voting for its students' video submission to the Samsung : Solve for Tomorrow Contest, on their research on the impact on the soil and farm land from Tropical Storm Irene. They hope to win a grand prize of $100,000 in computer equipment from Samsung. 
The district is one of 12 finalists in the competition. 
You can view the submission


and there is an excellent report on the evolution of the srudents' project on WNYT -http://wnyt.com/article/stories/S2505084.shtml?cat=300

Your vote will make a difference! 

If you are interested in helping with Schoharie and RPI Relief efforts, feel free to email Bradon Graham or me!


Winter Break hours

We will be open for normal business hours through Tuesday, December 20th.

We will be open from 12-2pm Monday-Friday, during January 4-20th, or by appointment (@email).

Regular business hours will resume January 23rd (M-F, 11am-5pm)

Happy Holidays!

Service Hour Update!!

Brothers and Pledges!


The latest update of service hours is up!

Light on hours? SERVICE AUCTION is coming up! Sign up for that if you're low!


Chapter Hours


Internal: 1086
External: 282

This time it is a little over 15 hours per brother/pledge! This means we are all  on average fulfilling our requirements!


Silent Service Auction Happening NOW!


My Brothers and Pledges!
Come over to the 2nd floor of Russel Sage Dining Hall and Bid on some services being provided by your fellow brothers! Want to be able to park on ANY street without using the parking meter? How about learn how to juggle? Would you be interested in getting a cake made, JUST FOR YOU? Want to learn how to play piano? How about learn how to swim... BETTER? 
Come up to the 2nd floor of RSDN to bid or just check up on how the services you are providing are doing!

EZ Welcomes Fall 2011 Pledges!!


Alpha Phi Omega - Epsilon Zeta chapter would like to welcome the Charles P. Zlatkovich Fall 2011 Pledge Class!

Ken Bellows

Sam Brown

Jillian Cahill

Chris Calin

Jenny Chan

Dani Cifelli

Fiora DeMarco

Guiqiang (Richard) Dong

Alex Fish

Geri Flood

Amanda Hassan

Vikki Huang

Richard Hutchinson

Ashley Kang

Mandy Knight

Leo Li

Edward Lin

Dylan Martinez

Terrance McGovern

Kate Pelletier


Liz Plowman

Ali Rodriguez

Jacopo Scarnati

Tianyuan Shi

Maggie Schoko

Rom St. John

James Wittel

Jim Young

Yuan Yuan


Congratulations to all and WELCOME!!

Saratoga Therapeutic Equestrian Program Service Event!



Next Tuesday, October 4th we will be going to help out with the Saratoga Therapeutic Equestrian Program (STEP). 
For those who may not know, STEP is a program for children and adults with disabilities that uses horseback riding for therapeutic purposes. Our chapter has a long history with STEP, and in the past few semesters we have helped them out with things like receiving hay deliveries, using our engineering skills to help them move a horse-cart thingy to the loft of their barn, and other fun barn chores. And of course, we get to play with horses when we are done! 
Next Tuesday we will be helping out with moving a round pen and hay and depending on time helping them with other chores, and anyone who has been there before can tell you the people at STEP are extremely nice and the events have always been a lot of fun!
If you would like to go, we will be meeting at the office at 3pm and leaving no later than 3:15pm. We will be at the barn from 4pm to 6pm, and should be back on campus before 7pm. 
Please sign-up for this event here: http://goo.gl/iSe3q
TL;DR: Volunteering at horse barn. 
Tuesday, October 4, meet in the office at 3pm
Sign up here: http://goo.gl/iSe3q
Any questions, let me know!
In Leadership, Friendship, and Service,