Spring 2019 Executive Committee

Congratulations to the Spring 2019 Executive Committee:

President: Forrest Rusyniak
Service Vice President: Jackson Wong
Membership Vice President: Todd Louison
Fellowship Vice President: Claire McManus
Treasurer: Anthony Baum (Junior), Karoline Orloff (Senior)
Office Manager: Caelynn Hogarth
Recording Secretary: Jacob Tehranian
Corresponding Secretary: Emma Shea
Historian: Andrew Hartana
Sergeant at Arms: Christopher Duffy

Fall 2018 Executive Committee

Congratulations to the Fall 2018 Executive Committee:

President: Daniel Adomilli
Service Vice President: Jackson Wong
Membership Vice President: Amy Lemos
Fellowship Vice President: Anagha Iyengar
Treasurer: Karoline Orloff (Junior), Emma Shea (Senior)
Office Manager: Sydney Bahs
Recording Secretary: Scott Woolard
Corresponding Secretary: Arman Alpar
Historian: Claire McManus
Sergeant at Arms: Glenn Edmonds

Spring 2018 Executive Committee

Congratulations to the the Spring 2017 Executive Committee:
President: Christopher Daniels
Service Vice President: Michael Baird
Membership Vice President: Sunny Sen
Fellowship Vice President: Erica Uhler
Treasurer: Cole Caynoski (Junior), Anish Ravi (Senior)
Office Manager: Jill Berg
Recording Secretary: Jason Lee
Corresponding Secretary: Olivia King
Historian: Hunter Belanger
Sergeant at Arms: Forrest RusyniakCongratulations to the the Spring 2017 Executive Committee:

Congratulations to the Spring 2018 Executive Committee:

President: Sunny Sen
Service Vice President: Clifford Hartman
Membership Vice President: Glenn Edmonds
Fellowship Vice President: Forrest Rusyniak
Treasurer: Emma Shea (Junior), Arman Alpar (Senior)
Office Manager: Sydney Bahs
Recording Secretary: Samantha Alderete
Corresponding Secretary: Christopher Daniels
Historian: Allison Sobota
Sergeant at Arms: Jason Lee

Save Purnell


Raffle for Save Purnell

Wednesday, June 21, 11am - 2pm

Rensselaer Union West Lobby

Prizes include four tickets to the Big Red Freakout hockey game and a buffet dinner, and two RPI hockey jerseys worn by former athletes. Raffle drawn at Dine to Donate (see below).

$1 for 1 ticket | $2 for 3 tickets | $5 for one arm’s length of tickets

*tickets can also be purchased Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5pm in the Union Admin Office


Dine to Donate

Tuesday, June 27, 5pm-9pm

Recovery Sports Grill

15% of your check will benefit Save Purnell. The raffle will be drawn at the Recovery Room on Hoosick Street. Coupons available at Father’s Marketplace, Ben & Jerry’s, the Union Admin Office, and the Campus Unisex Salon.


*Ben & Jerry’s will have a donation jar for Save Purnell until June 30*


Just before Mother’s Day, Purnell was diagnosed with Neimann Pick Type A, a rare neurodegenerative disease that is similar to Alzheimer’s Disease. It is unlikely that Purnell will live past June 30 unless his family raises $750,000 by then for the Wylder National Foundation, which is funding research for the cure and the experimental new treatment. As of June 19, they have raised $420,000.

Purnell’s relatives are members of the Troy and RPI communities. His grandfather and great grandfather attended RPI, and his great aunt currently works in the Rensselaer Union.